Hedge Laying 2.0

Lay 100s metres of hedge per day with this revolutionary new implement. Designed for both farmers and contractors, it will reinvent your hedgerows.

Combines manual cutting with mechanised laying of the hedge
First manually prepare the hedge by simply nicking the base of the quicks with a long-handled chainsaw and remove any unwanted shrubs (such as elder).
Second, make two passes with the Hedgeweaver and you have a perfectly laid hedge.
The only constraint on how much hedge you can lay, is how much you can prepare.
Case studies
Hedgeweaver was developed to solve the challenge of how to improve the hedges on a farm in Herefordshire.
The Hedges ranged from younger Stewardship plantings to leggy old runs, located on steep banks and hills as well as level ground.
Unlike traditional hedge laying techniques, the Hedges were laid without removing large volumes of material, creating a much thicker hedge, with high environmental benefits which can better withstand immediate grazing from stock.
Easy to use
Whether on a telehandler or excavator you'll be up and running in minutes
Highly Efficient
Can lay up to 1 metre of hedge every 2-mins. Limited only by how much hedge operators can prep
Thicker hedges
Retain most of the old hedge, only remove unwanted shrubs, so the new hedge is less susceptible to damaged by stock
Operate on tough terrain
Works equally well on hills or flat ground and can deal with old and new hedges
High environmental value
Creates thicker hedges than traditional laying which have immediate habitat advantages and better stock proof capabilities
Still uses manual skill
Become a new hedge laying expert, combining craft with modern machinery.
Use with either a telehandler or excavator
Hedgeweaver can be mounted on either a telehandler or excavator. For telehandlers it comes with a telescopic arm. For excavators, the laying tool is provided with a quick release mechanism, attaching directly onto your excavator.
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